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Older Women's Network Centre - 87 Lower Fort St DA

Property NSW, in their last sale in the Millers Point Precinct, is seeking to sell 87 Lower Fort St. To better facilitate the sale, they have made application to demolish the Older Women's Centre and to rehabilitate the land, without giving any indication as to what type or level of development will occur subsequent to the sale.

A large number of objections were made including by the MPC RAG.


Please see our attached submission. The DA is still under consideration by City of Sydney Council.

Older Women's Network Centre DA: FAQ

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MPC RAG submission to City of Sydney

This letter details our objections and the reasons for them to the DA.

Consultant's Report on DA

A Consultant's report on key aspects of the DA.

Response from the Lord Mayor on our concerns

A detailed response from the Lord Mayor on the concerns we detailed in our DA objection letter.

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