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Heritage Council Community Consultation 2021

In April 2021 the Heritage Council of NSW commenced a community consultation process on the future heritage conservation of the Millers Point and Dawes Point Village Heritage Precinct. 


In response to the Heritage Council of NSW initiated community consultation process, MPCRAG surveyed owners of state heritage listed homes; heritage professionals who advised on restoration of those homes; and Precinct residents generally. The surveys both canvassed the experience of owners and heritage professionals in conserving the heritage homes within the Precinct as well as the views of all residents of the Precinct on its built infrastructure (roads, footpaths, parks and gardens), general amenity and how the Precinct can and should be both conserved and developed to best contribute to Sydney as a vital part of its history.


After an inordinate amount of work by a small group of community volunteers, the MPCRAG has compiled our report in relation to the recent community consultation process initiated by Heritage Council NSW on the Millers Point and Dawes Point Village Precinct and the survey conducted by the MPCRAG.  The results of the surveys highlighted that there is a need for a more collaborative approach to conserving both the heritage homes within the Precinct and in conserving and enhancing the neighbourhood as a whole.  


The Committee would like to thank the many of members of the community who contributed to this discussion and the report’s content via surveys, attending the evening consultation sessions, sending emails and being engaged in this important conversation. It is critical we are able to articulate what we believe should be the future of our neighbourhood.


We have sent the report to the City of Sydney, Heritage Council and Heritage NSW and invited them to the next MPCRAG meeting on Tuesday 14 September to discuss the report and the way forward. 


The Heritage Office have now released their proposed draft design guidelines and vision for public comment.

Bernard Kelly

President, Millers Point Community Resident Action Group

Image by Shapelined
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