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2020 Planning Workshop

On 15 February, 2020, the Millers Point Community Resident Action Group held its highly successful 2020 Planning Day. We wished to engage with our neighbours on the issues that were important to them. From this, various working groups were established in Traffic, Greening and After Hours Activities and our Mission Statement was developed.

Millers Point Community Resident Action Group Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Millers Point Resident Community Action Group (MPCRAG) is to protect and promote Millers Point as a precinct of State and National Heritage Significance and to enhance the safety, amenity and character of the Millers Point neighbourhood. MPCRAG achieves its mission by advocating on behalf of the residents of Millers Point to those who have an impact on our community, whether Government (local or State), Business or Cultural groups.


MPCRAG promotes and fosters community building and engagement.

2020 Planning Workshop: FAQ
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