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Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway

The redevelopment of Fort St Public School will severely impact the ability for cyclists to continue through to the Kent St underpass to access the CBD.


We called upon the NSW Government to first construct the new cycleway prior to the school's construction commencing. The ramifications in terms of resident and visitor safety and the amenity of our neighbourhood for an extended timeframe is unacceptable.


Our submission and other relevant documents are attached.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway: FAQ


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MPC RAG letter, submissions and local member representation

This lengthy document outlines our most recent submissions and includes a letter from Alex Greenwich to the NSW Government to build the permanent cycleway prior to the school redevelopment.

Response to Alex Greenwich from Department of Education

Our local member made representations to the Minister on the staging of construction activities.

Transport for NSW response


Transport for NSW responding to our request to construct the permanent cycleway prior to the school's construction.

MPC RAG Traffic Committee's submission

The MPC RAG Traffic Committee reiterating key points from our submission.

School Infrastructure Flyer 3 December 2020

As part of their information sharing, Schools Infrastructure letter boxed the neighbourhood including a sketch of the proposed Kent St (and Argyle St) cycleway.

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